High Definition In and Out

Smoothbassman Productions places a strong emphasis on staying ahead of the curve, and keeping abreast of emerging technology. That's why Smoothbassman Productions uses the latest 1080P 60fps camera technology to record your special event. 

On Site Video Recording

Smoothbassman Productions uses the latest 1080p HD technology to give your videos exceptionally vivid color and clarity.  We have three 1080p, 60fps HD camcorders in the studio ready to shoot your event. We even have Go Pro Hero 3 Camera’s available to shoot your action photography as well.

With the use of the Sony HXR-NX70U High Definition camera, our company offers a 1080p 60fps, high-resolution recording of your special event. At Smoothbassman Productions we can export your production out to Blu-Ray, or DVD format in addition to the numerous digital formats supported by YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo, providing you with the opportunity to share a link to your video with friends & family.

On Site Video and Audio Recording

Smoothbassman Productions provides this option for the best quality in your production.  We tie right into the sound system of the event to capture 24-bit audio to be combined with the video recording to give you a film quality sound on your project.  We can even multi-track the event to give you an even better mix for band performances or concerts.